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Pinoy Food SpOt in Abu Dhabi

First SpOt – Philippine House Restaurant
              A popular food spot for all Filipinos in the city, especially for newbies, is Philippine House Restaurant. There are two branches of Philippine House Restaurant in the heart of the city. One is along the busy road of Najda St. and the other one is located in Salam St.
             This canteen-served-style restaurant is popular to its authentic Pinoy cuisine. Plus, the affordable prices and value combo meals makes this restaurant an everyday crowds’ favourite.
             Tapsilog and their mouth-watering Lumpiang Sariwa are just some of their remarkable, thus, my favourite dishes.

Minimum Food Deal – Dhs 15


Second SpOt – Barrio Fiesta
             The popular eat-all-you-can restaurant in the Philippines also stands a name in Abu Dhabi. Their genuine Filipino cuisine served like a canteen-style where customers wait in a queue (giving them enough time to choose from foods in a tray displayed in front of them).
             It is located in Najda St. just behind the building of Philippine House Restaurant. The ambiance is almost the same as Philippine House. Only, they maintained the remarkable eat-all-you-can theme every Friday.
Their Sisig and Bulalo are just some of my personal choices from their menu. Like Philippine House, they also serve value meals.

Minimum Food Deal – Dhs 15


Third SpOt – Oriental Korner
             This Filipino restaurant really set its name among Filipinos in Abu Dhabi. Oriental Korner or also known as OK is a two-storey, medium-sized restaurant. All you have to do is sit, order from the waiter, and wait it to be served –wait it to be served, – wait, – yes you really have to wait for quite sometime… ;D
             Anyway, it is worth to wait. Their delectable Oriental cuisines, mainly Filipino delicacies are really tempting and scrumptious.
             Oriental Korner is located near Al Mariah Mall in Hamdan St.
             Their tasty Kare-kare and luscious Lomi are some of my personal choices. If you really want to try OK, I recommend to order via phone call (02 671 6783) at least 30 minutes before going there.

Minimum Food Deal – Dhs 25


Fourth SpOt – Asian Garden
             Asian Garden is known not only by its full-flavoured Thai cuisines, but also with their appetizing Filipino cuisines. It is located in Eldorado Cinema (back side) in the main road of Electra.
             This medium-sized, calm and clean restaurant is by order-style service. Their friendly waiters welcomes and well-assisted their customers in making orders. They also do fast home or office delivery service.
             Their creamy, peanut-rich flavoured Kare-kare and Daing na Bangus are some of their remarkable Filipino cuisines. You can choose from ox-tail or ox-tripe for your Kare-kare, and their fatty (my favourite! =D), home-styled Daing na Bangus side-dished with Bagoong and Kamatis, are really tempting.

Minimum Food Deal – Dhs 20


Fifth SpOt – Mongolian Chinese Restaurant
             Chinese Restaurant, yet, Filipinos’ taste-buds indeed welcome anything from their menu. It is located in Tourist Club Area, opposite Abu Dhabi Mall (Beach Rotana).
             Their cosy ambiance and delicious foods entice not just Asians but also Europeans. But majority of their customer are Pinoys. Their friendly waitresses and fast-service are some of their plus points. Well, that is why this is where we (my officemates) usually ordered foods for our specially gatherings.
             Our favourite are their Mixed-dry noodles (mixed noodles plus mixed ingredients of chicken, beef and shrimp), Squid in Red Sauce (medium-spiced), and Sizzling Beef Spare Ribs, served with vegetable fried rice. (yum yum ;D)

Minimum Food Deal – Dhs 35


Sixth SpOt – Mikee’s Restaurant
             This small restaurant is located in Hamdan St. not so far from Al Mariah Mall (back side). Its spot is a bit difficult to find, but once you’ve tasted their authentic Bulalo, you’ll surely take the effort of searching and going back to their place.
             Undoubtedly, their Bulalo, as for my personal choice, is the best I’ve tasted amongst the Filipino restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Rich-flavoured, fatty, with bone marrows (utak), and ligaments (litid). Whew, mouth-watering!
             Mikee’s also serves many other Pinoy cuisines by order. Also, one thing I like about their place is the Pinoys’ favourite videoke.

Minimum Food Deal – Dhs 20


Seventh SpOt – Pista sa Nayon
             Obviously Pinoy by its name, Pista sa Nayon serves many Filipino favourites in their menu. It is located somewhere in-between Hamdan and Electra Street (back Side of El Dorado). It is a medium-sized, one storey restaurant with a “short-order” style of serving.
             Their cosy place is not so crowded and mostly visited by their regular customers. Though, they take time to serve your order, it is worth to wait because of their genuine and hot-served food/s.
             Their Sinampalukang Manok and Bicol express, served with plain white rice are our all-time favourite. What’s more, they have there a TV where you can watch a Filipino Channel =D

Minimum Food Deal – Dhs 25


             Well, there you have it, my Top Seven SpOts of Pinoy restaurants in Abu Dhabi. However, there are still lots of Filipino restaurants around the city. I based my top picks according, of course, to where I’ve tried, the affordability of the price, the accessibility to my place, and mainly of the food they serve.
             Pinoys are natural food lovers, that’s why it won’t be difficult for us to find a spot anywhere here. Aside from the fact that we love our own cuisines, we are also enthralled in trying different food genres. We could easily adapt to variety of food culture and taste. So, in any type of restaurant, serving different sort of food according to countries – Oriental, Arabic, Indian, European, American, or from wherever it is, surely, Filipinos are there to be found.